fanfictions be like ”his eyes scanned the crowed and then locked with mine”



Let’s not forget that Marc had just come off injury and was given the green light only about an hour before the game. He didn’t even train with the team at all before the game. He got a cramp during the run and had to come off after. He did push Bale out of the pitch, but the ref didn’t call a foul. 


isn’t it weird that we pay money to see other human beings?

me (surprised): omg
me (amused): omg
me (angry): omg
me (sad): omg
me (nostalgic): omg
me (annoyed): omg
me (scared): omg
It’s been four years and each is worse. The solution? Normally the best option is having elections.
—Johan Cruyff (via moreawesomewithfootball)