i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

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like se pegar e créditos a selenacabellos



marc and sergi look like models who would model for brands like Abercrombie like are you sure you’re soccer players??

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I saw your question on barcelona wags blog! Hahaha! I always think Leo doesn't like daniella! They looks like stranger when they are around eachothers , they don't looks like friends at all! I think Leo is more friendly with pinto family! But it's looks like daniella try's really hard to Leo family friend and to show people how close she is with Leo family but I think it's not working, she doesn't looks like family friend at all instead she looks like the family assistant.what do you think😊

I think that Messi is not really happy with the way she’s getting close to the family. I think he’s either neutral or negative about her…I agree about the family assistant. O.o maybe messi doesn’t want her to ruin his holidays but since he loves Anto a lot he won’t say anything, he wants her to be happy. But I think that after working so hard whole season Messi deserves to rest in peace, not with some friends of his bf but with his family and friends, and I don’t think Daniella is his friend. Anto has so much time she can spend with her when Messi is busy…

Messi just doesn’t like the level Daniella is on. Money can’t buy you class or personality.